Well Rehabilitation / Disinfection

Depending on the quality of water, over time, your well screen becomes clogged due to debris or deposits. This can cause a reduction in water flow, causing the pump to work harder to try and produce what the pump is designed for. This results in higher electrical costs and added wear on the pump.

Well-cleaning assists in extending the life of your well pump and well system.

Here are a few things to look for to determine if your well needs to be cleaned:

Depending on the age of the well and application, it can be cleaned mechanically or chemically.  A combination of the two usually works best.

The mechanical process for agitating the well in order to loosen and then remove debris or deposits include any of the following:

The chemical process of cleaning the well most commonly uses any of the following:

The quantity used for each well depends on the depth of the well and the size of the casing.

We only use chemicals that are safe and NSF approved for use in potable water.

If improperly cleaned, the process will only temporarily resolve taste or odor issues as it leaves behind debris and organic materials which lead to bacteria growth. The pump must be pulled and the well needs to be jetted in order to provide the agitation needed to remove deposits and debris down in the well casing.

Cleaning and disinfecting your well will generally work the first time.  Occasionally it may take more than one treatment depending on the degree of deposits and contamination.