Residential Well Construction

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Residential Well Construction

At Felder Water Well, we recommend 4” PVC wells for our residential customers. We no longer drill 2” wells because time and experience have proven that they are not cost efficient and the associated equipment requires more maintenance.  

Drilling a residential well typically takes 1-2 days, depending on weather and well depth. One of our drilling crews will construct the well and an installation crew will come afterward to install the pump, tank and start up the system. Power is not required to drill the well, but we will need power in order to start up the well and test the pump and associated equipment.

Our goal is to maximize the productivity out of each well. This requires extensive drilling experience and knowledge of the geology, the aquifer and soil types. There are also important mechanical techniques and requirements to maximize the efficiency of the borehole for water production. 

Regardless of depth, our drilling experts follow the same efficient construction process. We use mud rotary to drill down to the water strata. We then set 4” diameter PVC casing, cementing around the full length of the casing as per the Halliburton method to secure it in place and prevent contamination or commingling of groundwater strata as required by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulations.  After the cement has set, we drill out the cement plug and install properly sized screen for maximum production.