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Water Quality Testing
Bacteriological and/or Chemical Analysis

water test

The most common water test evaluates Water Quality Indicators (WQI), which are certain bacteria found in water. In most cases, the presence of these bacteria do not cause illness. However, they are easy to test for and their presence may indicate water contamination such as sewage or other disease-causing bacteria. Microbes that do cause illness are hard to test for in water, which is why “total coliform” are tested instead.

If total coliform tests high, it is likely that harmful bacteria may be present.

Examples of Water Quality Indicators

Total Coliform: Microbes found in soil, surface water, on plants, animals and amphibians.

E.Coli: E. Coli is a specific type of coliform bacteria. A positive test means that harmful germs and/or bacteria have found their way into your water system. These bacteria can cause dysentery, diarrhea and hepatitis.

There are two types of E.Coli: common WQI E.Coli with the more dangerous E. Coli 0157:H7.

If any of the following apply to you, you should have your water tested:

We also offer complete chemical analysis testing; partnering with a full service NELAP laboratory.