Natural Disaster Mitigation

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Natural Disaster Mitigation

Our beautiful Gulf Coast is unfortunately susceptible to hurricanes, tropical storms, floods, and the occasional nasty deep freeze.  When our communities are faced with natural disasters, Felder Water Well crews are experienced in dealing with every water well issue you can imagine and then some.  It’s all hands on deck, 7 days a week during these trying times. 

In February 2021 when the deadly “Polar Vortex” froze over the state of Texas, our crews were out there working nonstop to get our customer’s wells back up and running.  Our store, Angleton Pumps, Parts & Supplies was open after hours and weekends for our customers.  When our vendors weren’t able to deliver, we had drivers making daily runs to pick up pumps, parts, fittings, and pipe trying to keep our shelves stocked for our customers.

In August 2017 when Hurricane Harvey struck, our crews stepped up to do what it took to service our customers and help our communities.  We coordinated with members of the Texas Ground Water Association from all over the state who brought in donations to the Gulf Coast including generators, bottled water, and food.  We had crews grilling burgers, boxing up meals, and delivering them to first responders, community shelters, and Churches.

We strive to do our best and take care of our customers and communities the same way we would take care of our families.

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